Thursday, April 19, 2012

Time to Schedule Your Air Conditioner Maintenance

Spring is a refreshingly busy type of year.  With vacations, children’s sports events and spring cleaning keeping us all busy; we sometimes forget

our air conditioning system needs its annual planned maintenance too.  It is important to maintain our systems so they are at their peak performance when we need them the most . . . during the blistering summer days to come.

Not only will regular maintenance keep your system running efficiently; it can also detect problems before they become expensive repairs.  An AC can stop working if it is low on refrigerant, possibly due to a leak or problem with the refrigerant system.  Bad AC wiring can trip your circuit breaker or cause potential fire hazards. A weak capacitor can prevent an AC from cooling and cause damage to your compressor if not detected and changed early.  Detecting these problems early, before they become bigger issues will ultimately save you money.

Schedule your AC for planned maintenance now. It will give you peace of mind during the hot summer when you depend on your air conditioner the most to keep you comfortable.

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